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Top Reasons Your Vagina Itches Before, During, and After Your Period

Below the Belt Blues: Vaginal Itching Explained

Listen ladies! Your monthly gift isn’t always a gift. Sometimes it’s an annoying pest that warns you in advance with what feels like fire ants in your pants! Why is your vagina itching before, during or after your period?


You could have more yeast in your system due to your hormones changing in your body preparing itself for menstruation. We all know yeasty beasties itch!

  • You can wait it out and see if it goes away after your period is over, or…
  • Ask for a GYN exam for which you might get a Diflucan prescription
  • You over the counter cure like Monistat
  • The PH balance can be off creating more acidic discharge resulting in itching and soreness.
  • Don’t use the douching method to cleanse your vagina! It can cause you to flush out good bacteria making your itching problem a worse case.
  • Use an anti-itch cream and keep your vaginal area as dry as possible. Use Cotton panties or thongs so your fi-fi can breathe!


  • How lovely, bleeding and itching simultaneously – good times! If you already have a yeast infection during your period – it’s gonna itch.
  • Keep your vaginal area as dry as possible because yeast and bacteria love wet, hot areas.
  • You can’t use creams or suppositories effectively while you’re bleeding, so if it’s a yeast infection you’ll need to either take Diflucan or wait it out.
  • Cut down on sugar, and alcohol because yeasty beasties love that diet!
  • Once your period blood hits oxygen it’s open to gathering bacteria.
  • Changing tampons, pads, and liners often helps keep your vagina from building up internal toxic bacteria
  • Change your pad or liners frequently – besides the smell they are Petri dishes for bacteria build up.
  • You might have an allergy to tampons and liners that are scented or laced with chemicals.
  • Try switching to unscented liners and tampons.
  • If you use tampons, change them every few hours. Tampons are filled with drying chemicals such as bleach, which can cause itching.
  • Try using a 100% medical grade silicone Menstrual cup because they don’t cause Toxic Shock Syndrome and aren’t made with chemicals.


  • You might have a yeast infection so after your period has ended it’s fine to use suppositories like Monistat.
  • Taking the Birth Control Pill (and other meds) can alter your hormones and sometimes the discharge from your vagina; therefore you could be itching from unbalanced hormones.
  • Make sure you get tested for all STD’s.
  • Trichomoniasis is an STD triggered by a parasite that will cause an itchy, fishy smelling discharge. (This is why we use condoms ladies!!) Men, rarely have symptoms.
  • Sometimes the PH balance is out of whack after your period and causes an itchy brownish discharge. But, usually it goes away once your period is entirely over.
  • If you’re using shower gel, or bidet wash soap, make sure it’s all-natural, and doesn’t contain chemicals, alcohol or perfumes, which cause irritation.

The best way to maintain your vaginal health is to see your OBGYN regularly, keep that area dry and clean while getting regular tests for STDs.

About the Author: Suzan Brittan

Suzan is a published author, creative and non-fiction writer for various forms of media, TV and film. She also specializes in branding integration for TV and film scripts for major production companies.

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