DaisyCup Double Pack - Includes Two Sizes of Period Cups

DaisyCup Double Pack

The Daisy Double includes both sizes of our premium, medical grade menstrual cups. Both cups feature our comfort-rim design for easy insertion and a comfortable fit. DaisyCup doesn’t leak when inserted properly and you can wear it all night long without fear.

  • Eco-Friendly, Reusable For Up to 10 Years.
  • Huge Cost Savings Over Tampons and Pads
  • Zero Harmful Chemicals – 100% Medical Grade Silicone
  • Smooth Outer-Curve Design Makes It Superior For Comfort.
  • Leak-Free Protection For Up To 12 Hours
  • For Every Cup Purchased, We Donate One To a Woman in Need
  • 6-Month Money-Back Guarantee
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The Daisy Double is perfect for women that aren’t sure which size to choose or who wish to have a back-up cup for those heavier days.

Small Size: The Small DaisyCup is ideal for first-time users and for those with a light to normal menstrual flow.

Regular Size: The Regular DaisyCup is preferred by those with normal to heavy flow, or more experienced cup users. It’s also perfect for women who have given birth vaginally or via cesarean section and also for women over 30 years of age.

DaisyCups are reusable and made of 100% medical grade silicone. They are latex-free and contain no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. They’re perfect for women with sensitive skin and designed to respect your natural balance.

DaisyCups don’t soak up liquids, so there is no drying-out of the mucous membranes as there is with tampons or pads. There are ZERO negative effects or dangerous textile fibers left in the vagina, regardless of how heavy the flow.

Menstrual cups are designed to be folded and inserted in to the vagina to collect menstrual blood. Once inside, the cup opens and sits lower than a tampon. It’s held in place by your vaginal muscles. The cup can remain inserted for up to 12 hours.

What’s in the box:

• 1 Small Size DaisyCup

• 1 Regular Size DaisyCup

• 1 Premium Cloth DaisyBag

• Storage Container

• Instruction Booklet

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What describes you:

DaisyCup Small is for you:

DaisyCup Regular is for you:

A light flow

A heavier flow

A teen or young adult

Have given birth

Haven’t given birth vaginally

Have a lower cervix

Have a higher cervix

Have leaked using other cups

Experienced cup user

Beginner cup user

Have strong vaginal muscles

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DaisyCup Small

DaisyCup Regular


Normal or Light

Heavy or Normal


28ml (3 jumbo tampons)

38ml (4 jumbo tampons)

Full Height of Cup

70.3 mm / 2.7 in

76.3 mm / 3 in

Cup Height (no stem)

48.2 mm / 1.9 in

52.1 mm / 2.05 in

Stem Length

16 mm / .63 in

17 mm / .65 in

Rim Diameter

42.5 mm / 1.7 in

45.5 mm / 1.9 in

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11 reviews for DaisyCup Double Pack

  1. Jennifer B

    All I can say is wow. I’ve used other cups (Lunette, Diva) and I’m so happy with my Daisy Cup. Insertion was easy and the fit is perfect (for my body at least). It doesn’t leak at all and I can’t even feel that it’s there. You can tell they put a lot of effort into designing the cup. 5 stars for sure!

  2. Megan

    My friend told me about menstrual cups and at first I was like, no way! But eventually I caved and decided to try a Daisy Cup. This is seriously the best thing ever. I can go around 9 hours without emptying it and it never leaks. It’s comfortable and I can’t even feel that it’s there. I would definitely recommend this cup to anyone who wants to get away from tampons and all the headache that goes along with them.

  3. Ashleigh D.

    This is best menstrual cup I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable, soft, and it fits my body perfect. It never leaks even on my heaviest days. I use the small cup for light days and the regular size cup for night time and heavy days. It’s awesome being able to get through a double shift at work without needing to change a tampon.

  4. Jessica

    I was expecting it to be like the other cups I’ve tried… hard and leaking. I used the REGULAR size for heavy days and I couldn’t even feel it once it was inserted and sealed. It didn’t leak and neither did the smaller size. What a relief to find daisycup – because not only is it the most comfortable cup it saves me a ton of money every month. I told all my girlfriends too – had to share this info!

  5. simple Ula

    The best menstrual cup out there!!!
    I love menstrual cups and Daisy Cup is the best one I’ve ever used!!! It’s way more flexible and easier to use, highly recommend! 🙂

  6. Marsha

    Daisycup is my jam. But seriously, this thing really is the most comfortable menstrual cup. I tried other brands including some of the cheap Chinese ones on Amazon. Daisy blows them out of the water when it comes to comfort and not leaking. This is now my go-to cup.

  7. Sarah

    I’ve wanted to find a cup I could use for over ten years and have tried several. Daisy Cup is the first I can tolerate without cramping or discomfort. I travel extensively and the ease and conscience of the cup is something I really have wanted have—thank you DaisyCup for filling this need! Also the support I’ve recieved both -around buying and in the learning curve to use effectively (like personal tips for pain free removal via chat and email) have been superb. There are real humans in this company who really care plus they making a useful product. Thank you.

  8. Shaquita Jenkins

    I love my DaisyCup. It’s seriously the best thing ever.

  9. Neriza

    Since I’ve been using this Daisy Cup, I no longer suffer from UTI and itchiness. I get issues with pads and tampoons and so, menstrual cup for the win!

  10. Vanellope

    It’s my first time trying on menstrual cups and I had no idea what it’s gonna be like. No leaks, no itch, and I feel comfy and fresh. Just awesome!

  11. Sonia Cohen

    I love DaisyCup! The DaisyCup works best for me when I’m travelling or backpacking. I definitely would recommend DaisyCup. Great!

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