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Ever Experienced Period Stigma?

We can’t deny that though it’s no longer cool to openly joke about periods, the stigma is still alive and well. Look at the fact that it took a whole two years just to get an emoji for it, or that millions have to skip school due to lack of sanitary products and many have never even seen a sanitary product in their life.

Or even how pads and tampons are steadily increasing in price while condoms are given away with a speed that can only be described as “Turbo Oprah”. That trans people are still misgendered and stigmatized by medical professionals when seeking advice. Or that many of us still make up excuses to hide when we need a sick day for our periods.

The proof’s in the pudding, so to speak.

Though it’s disheartening that what’s really a natural, gorgeous, powerful process has now been reduced to a dirty inconvenience, we think it’s a call to action.

We have the ability to make it better, to say, “No – it’s not okay to treat us like lesser because our bodies are doing what they do. No more of that. Only donations of adoration and chocolate, please.” – It all comes down to what we accept as normal – and we say it’s time to use our collective power to redefine it for good.

Here are some handy ways to do that:

Talk about it casually (because it’s a casual thing)

We’re not going to suggest donning your brightest red cape and trawling about town leaving a trail of blood and yelling that it’s That Time Of The Month. But when people ask about it, use the opportunity to educate them. Stop with the euphemisms, shifty eyes or quiet tones. They are all signifiers of a deep-seated belief that periods are for the lesser.

Yes, we bleed. Yes, it feels like a tiny elf has rented out our lumbar region as a torture chamber Airbnb for the week. Yes, it can get gross and smelly and leaks happen and your favourite pair of underwear will probably never be the same. But isn’t it powerful that although the above is true, it’s simultaneously true that we’ve learnt to take care of our bodies while often in tremendous pain, accomplish SO MUCH in the middle of a torrential downpour, and do the same as everyone else … with a smile AND bleeding?

If you ask us, it’s almost like being a superhero. Own it. We are capable of so much and that’s power.

Educate yourself on the chemicals that you’re putting into your body

Learn about the experiences of people who have it different than you

I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup When I Walk

Tampons come with a barrage of escape artist-like toxins that are bleeding into our bodies while we bleed into them. It’s so easy to forget they’re inside and let the cheeky shockers overstay their welcome for hours on end in the middle of a busy day. We think being a boss shouldn’t mean risking Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Consider switching to a natural alternative, like a cup, or period-proof underwear if you prefer not to have anything inside. These options are more sustainable for the environment and are much cheaper in the long run, so it’s like a sneaky three-for-one deal in terms of getting to be justifiably chuffed about how great you are.

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I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup Stem

If you’re reading this, you’re amongst the lucky people who probably have never worried about how you’re going to take care of yourself next period. Even if you’re privileged enough to take that for granted, chances are you’ve been caught out and had to get crafty with some 4-ply at least once and know it isn’t fun. A DIY period is the lifelong reality for so many people in the world, and this imbalance has got to be alleviated. The only way that can happen is if we think, read, speak, brainstorm and do something about it, and it starts with each one of us choosing to show up.

How We’ve Revolutionized Periods

We’re here to change the game, one cup at a time. We make natural, 100% medical-grade silicone cups that provide up to 10 years of stellar protection against leaks and stop you from having to run to the store for pads and tampons each month. Sustainability and penny-saving all in one?! Bargain.

Boost Your Confidence

Make your period an enjoyable experience! We’re so confident your purchase comes with a 6-Month Money Back Guarantee.

Maximum Comfort

Goes in smooth and seals easily. The rim design prevents leaks and odors, even during intense activity.

Designed To Fit Your Body

Designed to fit your body's unique contours. Made with 100% medical-grade silicone that goes in smooth and wears comfortably.

Support organisations and people who are working towards positive change

Be inspired by people like Demetra Nyx and Kiran Gandhi who are taking radical steps to make a change. Ingest as many think pieces as possible to expand your world view and attitude. And use your dollar well! The absolute best thing at your fingertips is the power of your resources as a customer to support organizations who are set up to make the world better. When you buy menstrual products, consider the effects of your purchase and look for ways to reduce waste. Some companies (like us!) even have initiatives that pair each purchase with a donation to the less fortunate. By making an effort to shop not-for-profits you can set yourself up to feed goodness into the world without even thinking about it, and we think that’s a pretty epic way to live. 

menstrual products for mermaid daisy

Give yourself credit for the good work you’re doing

It’s easy at times to feel a little stuck under the weight of big, painful issues like this. Don’t be discouraged by societal issues that are beyond your control. Be thankful there are people like you choosing to show up in the defense of goodness. If you use a menstrual cup or period-proof panties, we salute you. If you haven’t made the switch yet but try to buy organic and eco-friendly sanitary products, heck yeah. If you’re just getting started but you’re still attempting to deconstruct the stigma and shift the norm by doing things such as reading this article, we are so glad you are giving your energy to the fight.

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