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Period Sex: It’s a Thing!

"Sex on Your Period" Hacks You'll Love

Most of the time it’s a conversation starting with, “I don’t mind if you don’t mind, ” or “Nah, it’s not my thing.” Having sex on your period is either on purpose, or it’s not. But if both agree to partake; in the moment it’s wet, warm, and sticky, then reality hits, “Oh no, my white sheets and wall paint!” It’s messy and can look like a murder scene straight out of a CSI episode after post-coital bliss.

Sometimes there’s an unwelcome surprise arrival of Auntie Flow just when you’re in the middle of coitus with some man candy. You bitch!

Sex during your menstrual cycle is very healthy for women. It lowers stress levels, relieves period cramping, and elevates most migraines. It can even shorten the duration of your period.

Some couples have sex on her period because it’s the opportune time for a man to ejaculate inside her without getting pregnant. FYI – 14 days before her period is the best time to conceive. However, although rare, a woman can still get pregnant on her period. Plus, let’s just note… it is blood; so if it’s not a well-known and vetted partner please wear condoms!

Operation Red Wings

There are brave men out there who will even go South of the Border to earn their, “Red Wings.” I can hear your thoughts… what about the smell and taste? This could seem a bit fetish-y. He either really digs this type of oral sex or simply doesn’t care. Either way it’s a win-win for her.

Here are more tips so both can win-win when you woo-woo...


  1. DUH – Have sex all sorts of sex in the shower. Easy Breezy Peasy
  2. Virgin sex or Dry Hump. Be careful of brush burn.
  3. Try using a menstrual cup and trim the stem so you don’t hurt his.
  4. Protect your sheets or furniture with disposable Puppy training Wee-wee pads and hump like a doggy in heat (or a dark colored towel – but ya gotta wash it – Booo) P.S. you don’t need to have a pet to buy these.
  5. Keep a box of wipes next to you during sex and clean as you go. Hint: even if they are flushable, don’t flush them… they can still clog the tank! Don’t ask me how I know.
  6. Couples masturbation – he gets a blowie and you get a vibrator. It’s still sex (just… not according to former President Clinton).

7. She inserts a soft triangle makeup sponge under the cervix, which absorbs most of the blood and it won’t hurt his penis while going to Pound Town. Please do not reuse the sponge, as it will collect bacteria once it’s removed.

8. Anal. –nuf said.

Do you have any period sex tips that you wouldn’t mind sharing? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Author: Suzan Brittan

Suzan is a published author, creative and non-fiction writer for various forms of media, TV and film. She also specializes in branding integration for TV and film scripts for major production companies.

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