The DaisyCup Story

Too Busy to Read? Press Play and Have Daisy Read It For You!

Single Mom-trepreneur, Eco-gal, Yoga Addict... Meet Daisy.

Hey Ladies! I’m Daisy. I'm a mom-trepreneur, which means I’m always working, on the go, and very active. I like to stay in shape, eat right, and try to maintain a healthy and happy home. BUT… like you, I dreaded my period. Who doesn’t, right? I had cramps and tons of bleeding every month. My inner dialogue always went like this...

“Oh great, now I have to stock up on tampons. There goes at least $30 bucks in the garbage – literally! Then I need to buy bulky pads for nighttime – totally sexy and panty liners, because tampons always leak - More money in the trash! When will this end? Oh, right – menopause. Ugh, can’t even think of the “M” word, but still... no period sounds Ah-mazing. There has to be something better, less expensive, and won’t leak.”

Thus began the search for the unicorn period product. Google showed me different methods, products, and gizmos to help alleviate my monthly visitor from overstaying its welcome. I found a menstrual cup. It worked ‘okay,’ but wasn’t designed perfectly nor was it comfortable enough.

Enter DaisyCup...

So, I decided to make my own cup and work with partners and fabricators to create the safest, most comfortable, leak-proof cup on the market today, 100% medical-grade silicone, NO CHEMICALS... Hello, DAISYCUP!

DaisyCup not only works like a charm, it actually helps relieve my cramps. Is there a correlation? I’m not technically sure – but my blood flow isn’t impaired like it was with tampons. Coincidence? I think not. I believe using tampons actually made my period last longer because since I’ve been using DaisyCup, my period has been cut short by about 2 days.

In between being my kids personal chauffeur, I also run cross country and love my yoga twice a week, so any type of leak from tampons is potentially horrifying! DaisyCup completely squashed any worries I had regarding leak protection.

Doing my part...

Did I mention we are helping to save the planet and lower our carbon footprint? A woman only needs 3-5 DaisyCups her entire 40 years menstruating, which is undeniably better than polluting the earth with approximately 9,500 tampons used (not including pads and liners) and tossed out instead! You are spending about $4,500 plus on tampons and pads during those years. Doesn’t it make sense financially to only spend $350 and help save our planet simultaneously?

I can't help it. I simply want to share DaisyCup with every woman in the world! :)