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What is the Menstrual Cup 7 Fold and How Can I Do It?

The 7 Fold is one of the most popular types of menstrual cup folding methods. It has been around for since the inception of menstrual cups and is a favorite among beginners and seasoned cup users alike. The 7 Fold very easy to perform and allows the menstrual cup to have a small point of insertion. 

With the popular 7 Fold, menstrual cup users who are just getting started are able to learn how to create a smaller point of insertion, which make inserting a cup less stressful.

Having a hard time inserting your cup? The 7 Fold might be a solution!

Because the 7 Fold makes a small point, it’s much easier to wiggle the cup into your vagina if you are younger or a newer cup user. One of the main reasons people give up using a cup is because of the initial struggle to insert it. This leaves some new users feeling irritated and can zap their motivation.

Instead of getting frustrated when menstrual cup insertion doesn’t go as planned, take a deep breath and give the 7 Fold a try. Here are the instructions…

How to Do the 7 Fold Menstrual Cup Fold

The 7 Fold is a great fold for beginners because it allows for a smaller insertion point. The drawback is that the base of the cup is wider during insertion. You can use lube if you need a little help getting the inserted. 

  • Fold your menstrual cup in half so that the lips touch.
  • Now pull down the right side, so as to form a ‘7’ shape with the lips of the cup.
  • To make the Triangle version, bring the right corner right down towards the base of the cup, so as to create a triangular shape.
7 fold illustration
Illustration showing the 7 Fold plus insertion.

Variation: The Double 7 Fold

7 fold for menstrual cups
this image shows a variation of the 7 fold called the Double 7 Fold.
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