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Jaclyn Baker’s Top 3 Period Hacks

So, last night I pulled out my planner to start organizing my week.

I put a little reminder for Wednesday to start working on this article.

Right away my mind went straight to all the funny and embarrassing period “accidents” I have had over the years.

Let me tell you… I have gotten my period on airplanes, long bus rides, camping… the list goes on.

Hey… I even got my very first period while travelling. Finding some supplies was definitely quite an adventure.

Todays post is going to be all about my top period travel hacks, and some personal stories I hope you can learn something from.

Be Prepared... Always

Trust me…Even if your period is like clock work.

Even if your period just ended a few days ago… ALWAYS be prepared.

And when I say be prepared I don’t mean just bring the bare minimum.

Bring what you would normally bring, and than one extra.

I always make an effort to pack minimally when I travel.

It just makes packaging and lugging around my suitcase easier.

But menstrual cups are the only thing I do not joke about when it comes to travel.

Say you’re camping, or in an area without shops the last thing you want is a surprise visit and have zero options.

I would recommend packaging at least one DaisyCup in both your carry on and suitcase just be on the safe side.

Plan Activities Accordingly

You know your body best. So if you can, try and plan your itinerary around your period.

Let me give you an example.

I’d say 90% of the time I get super nauseous on day one of my period.

I have tried a ton of natural remedies over the years, and have found a few hacks that help… but nothing to totally eliminate the nausea.

If I know I will be on day one of my period while travelling, I will plan on making that a chill day without tons of action… and save the zip lining and hiking to day two.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

I honestly only started feeling comfortable swimming on my period a couple years ago.

I knew it was safe, and an accident was very unlikely. I was just so paranoid.

Looking back I really regret missing out on so many fun swimming adventures just because I was on my period.

Better late than ever right??

I knew I wanted to face my fear… So I sat down and thought to myself, okay… what’s the worst that can happen??

I leak a little… people know I’m on my period…

So what??

No need to let the fear of others opinions keep you from missing out.

Final Thoughts

There you have it those are my top travel period hacks! Would love to know yours in the comments.

About the Author: Jaclyn Baker
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Jaclyn is the founder of J Baker Media. She helps beauty, lifestyle, and home brands create revolutionary online reputations that customers just won’t be able to resist.

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