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Preventing Sensation When Wearing a Menstrual Cup

Some women are more sensitive than others when it comes to their lady parts. If you’re extra sensitive you might be able to feel your menstrual cup moving about as you go about your daily activities. Here are some ways to limit the sensation and use your cup comfortably…

Common Things People Search For When They Can Feel Their Menstrual Cup

We’ve done some research to find the common things women search for online when they can feel their menstrual cup. We try to answer these queries based on our own experiences and feedback from DaisyCup users. If you have some feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup When I Walk

I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup Stem

I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup When I Walk

If you can feel your menstrual cup when walking, try to adjust the cup be pinching the base and moving it slightly from side to side. Check to make sure the cup has properly expanded and is fully sealed. 

You might also try to squat down and “push” with your vaginal muscles. Then stand up and try to use your muscles to move the cup upward. 

Feeling your menstrual cup when walking is usually a cause of it not being seated properly. 


I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup Stem

Being able to feel your menstrual cup stem is a very common issue. It often depends on which brand you’re using and the length of the stem. Also, if you have a low cervix you might also be able to feel the stem.

The best way to solve this problem is to trim the stem. Don’t trim the stem while the cup is inserted! Remove your menstrual cup and trim the stem to a length that’s comfortable for you.

Be aware that your cervix may move up or down depending on your cycle, so don’t trim it too short if you aren’t comfortable with removing your cup using the base. 

DaisyCup has a specially designed base that allows for an easy grip. If you can feel your cup’s stem, you might have some luck trying a DaisyCup.

menstrual cup in vagina with trimmed stem
Image of a menstrual cup with the stem removed. You can trim your cup's stem if you can feel it while walking or moving about.

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I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup Moving

If you can feel your menstrual cup moving, it’s possible that your cup might not be the correct size. It’s also possible that your cup did not seal or seat properly.

If you purchased the wrong size cup, try buying a slightly larger one. This will stop the cup from moving around.

If you think the cup did not seal properly, grab the cup by the base and pinch slightly. then tug on the cup gently to form the seal. This should stop you from feeling the cup moving around. 


Hopefully We Solved the: "I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup" Concern!

Hopefully by now you can no longer feel your menstrual cup moving around inside of you. We’re always looking for new tips and tricks when it comes using menstrual cups. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or want to give us some tips. If it’s one we haven’t heard before, we’ll probably publish it on our website.

We believe it’s important to come together as a community to help each other!

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