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The stigma with periods

Period Stigma

Ever experienced period stigma? We can’t deny that though it’s no longer cool to openly joke about periods, the stigma is still alive and well. Look at the fact that

i can feel my menstrual cup

I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup

I Can Feel My Menstrual Cup! Can you feel your menstrual when it’s inserted? Some women who use menstrual cups complain that they can feel the cup and believe that

The Menstrual Cup 7 Fold

What is the Menstrual Cup 7 Fold and How Can I Do It? The 7 Fold is one of the most popular types of menstrual cup folding methods. It has

Jaclyn Baker’s Top 3 Period Hacks

So, last night I pulled out my planner to start organizing my week. I put a little reminder for Wednesday to start working on this article. Right away my mind

Diary of a Menstruating Traveler: Part 1

Diary of a Menstruating Traveler: #1 Adapt October 15th, 2018 Picture this: you’re sitting on a rest stop toilet, tired from driving, and bloody, so so bloody. You realize you

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