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Liberate. Educate. Empower.

We believe in helping women experience safe and comfortable menstruation. Our charity partner, Good360, is helping us to fulfill our mission. 

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Our Mission

Business With a Purpose

What is our purpose on this Earth if we can’t help others who are in dire need? There are women all over the world who cannot afford to buy and service their periods every month. For them, tampons and pads are very expensive, so they miss school or work for at least 5 days. They are reliving the hardship of having to lose time in the classroom and money from missing work month after month.

Social Disruption

It’s time to disrupt the feminine hygiene industry and social conversation about a woman’s period. Let’s take away the shame, stigma, and embarrassment of something very human. Instead, make it beautifully inevitable as part of our “Proud to be a woman” dialogue. From that universal shift in attitude and awareness, we can understand what women need, want and desire more clearly.

Liberate and Educate with Good360

DaisyCup is in business to liberate and educate women specifically to make their lives easier. Nonprofit Good360 is the global leader in product philanthropy and purposeful giving and leverages its relationships with socially responsible companies to source highly needed goods and distributes them through its diverse network of nonprofit partners both in the US and internationally. Good360 collaborates with like-minded, philanthropic brands to provide hope and relief for displaced people who have survived natural disasters or who have suffered personal hardships.

Creating Global Awareness

Our mission is to create global awareness about women who are disenfranchised; living in impoverished conditions and can’t afford to purchase sanitary, feminine hygiene products.

Our DaisyCup is a menstrual cup designed to last for up to ten years. With Good360 we have the ability to provide a free alternative feminine hygiene product with the targeted education needed.

Together, we have instituted a Get One, Give One program. For every DaisyCup that’s purchased, Good360 receives a free cup from us and hands it off to a trusted, vetted community nonprofit to serve populations most in need.  

Because… it shouldn’t be a luxury to fulfill a basic female need every month. It should be burden free – financially and psychologically… period.

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