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The Most Comfortable
Menstrual Cup... Period

comfort. confidence. freedom.

Textured for an easy grip. Super soft to the touch. Allows for quick and easy removal on the go.

Designed to fit your body's unique contours. Made with 100% medical-grade silicone that goes in smooth and wears comfortably.
DaisyCup Menstrual Cup Front View

Makes it easy to remove the period cup if you choose to trim the stem. Sensation free for comfort.

Goes in smooth and seals easily. The rim design prevents leaks and odors, even during intense activity.

Cost of Menstruation

Over your menstruating lifetime you’ll spend around $4500 on tampons, pads, panty liners, etc. DaisyCup costs less than 10% of that.

and other feminine hygiene products
saves you money

Meet DaisyCup: The Best Menstrual Cup

Try a DaisyCup period cup risk-free for six cycles. If it doesn’t rock your world, we’ll give you a full refund!

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We believe that periods should be easy to deal with and as comfortable as possible. DaisyCup is revolutionizing the way you experience menstruation. From our comfort-fit design to our Get a Cup, Give a Cup program, DaisyCup is changing the period game, one cup at a time.

Get a Cup, Give a Cup

DaisyCup has partnered with Good360 to help women in need get access to safe and comfortable menstrual products. For every DaisyCup you purchase, we will donate a cup to a women who needs it.

What Do You Know About Period Cups?

When it’s time for your monthly “visit”, period cups really know how to handle your business. In fact, they rise far and above other products when it comes to giving you the protection you need, without the risks and high costs.

Period Cup Myths, Facts and Benefits

A common question asked by Teens and Yes, you can absolutely use a menstruation cup if you’re a virgin. Your vagina might be more narrow, so you should probably try the small DaisyCup, but inserting a cup won’t automatically “deflower” you.

Not true! Many women who have Endometriosis love their DaisyCup. Obviously you should check with your doctor first, but many women with Endo use menstrual cups.

Menstrual cups are easy to insert and remove once you get the hang of it. Just like anything else, read learning how to insert your cup for tips for success and learn how to pinch the base and do the C fold correctly. It will take a little practice, but it will be very well worth it.

This one is a true benefit! Period cups will not leak when inserted properly and when you have the correct size. DaisyCup comes in two sizes and the special shape molds to fit your unique curves. You can sleep, exercise, do yoga, run, swim, and do everything you normally do while wearing your period cup.

This is true! Over time, you’ll spend thousands of dollars on tampons and pads filling our landfills. Be eco friendly and buy one menstrual cup and use it for up to 10 years. DaisyCup costs around $3.50 per year to use. 

False! It is NEVER possible for the blood to flow back into your uterus, even it you’re doing some upside down yoga or gymnastics. 

True! Menstrual cups are not dangerous in any way! Tampons, however, are known to disrupt your body’s pH balance and can cause TSS when left in for too long. 

Tampons absorb fluid whereas cups collect it. So this leads to less dryness and a much happier and healthier vagina.

Regardless of when you opt to clean them, you can sanitize your menstrual cup by simply placing it in boiling water. Be sure to bring the water to a bubbling or rolling boil and submerge the cup carefully (we suggest using tongs) for a period of between 3-5 minutes.

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